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“I think 99 times and I find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in the silence, and the answers come to me!” – Albert Einstein

 Aries -March 21-April 20 
Comradery opens September when you and a special someone are very in-tune together. The Full Moon of the 13th is all about the ethereal, feeling, imagination other worldly things. As awesome as it is remember that it takes two to maintain a balance in a relationship. Investigations come up with some unusual results from the 16th -20th. The New Moon of the 28th brings wonderful relationships, home gatherings and possibly a new pet!

 Taurus -April 21 – May21 
September begins with some sorting and organizing from the 3rd -6th. Having an open mind enhances an experience 7th -9th .The Full Moon of the 13th highlights creative endeavors that have immediate deadlines. Your feeling compromised 20th -22nd when planetary action clashes vision with practicality! The New Moon of the 28th present’s opportunities to expand that comes with risk and hard work

 Gemini – May 22 – June 21 
September finds you in a leadership role with family and friends 1st-5th.  Sticking to agendas is a good way to finish a project on time. Be sure to keep all gatherings/meetings civil and respectful! The Full Moon of the 13th is in Pisces setting you up for agreeable relationships that become invaluable assets. Be sure to get your paper-work in order from the 23rd -26th giving you the organization to follow-through with ease. The week of the New Moon (28) brings with it sparks of love and romance. Enjoy

Cancer – June 22 – July 22
Confidence has a way of opening doors on September 1st-3rd. If you’re looking to accomplish a project quickly stick to the facts and stay in your lane the 3rd -6th. Your intuition is working overtime near the Full Moon of the 13th. The moon energy combined with planetary action offers you opportunities to be in control! Your motivation is noticed so accept more responsibility from the 22nd –the New Moon of the 28th.

Leo – July 23 – August 22
Stubborn times two opens September forcing a compromise. The 3rd  -9th can be a very frustrating time when everything seems upside down and out of whack  also the 11th -12th. A good solid relationship is more about compromise and communication than big events and romantic times. You’re feeling empowered on the 21st when you speak your truth! The New Moon of the 28th puts love and romance high on your agenda.

Virgo August 23 – September 23
September opens with you sponsoring positive vibes and romance.  So much gossip and hype make it nearly impossible to tell the real story! As you are waiting for clarification, the vibes go totally mixed from the 7th -12th when it becomes unclear on how to proceed.  Expect a turning point in a romantic relationship near the Full Moon of the 13th, perhaps a commitment of sorts! More developments occur in your love life near the New Moon of the 30th.

Libra – September 24 – October 23
Positive thinking and behavior polish the beginning of September. Be sure you are fact checking information 4th -6th. Group discussions are difficult when finding a common ground to work from 8th -12th. The Full Moon of the 13th highlights a relationship issue possibly leading to a commitment! Intuition and ESP are all around you from the 15th -27th enjoy the moment! The New Moon of the 28th is lusty and playful and also in Libra!

Scorpio – October 24 – November 22
You’re social life is enhanced by friends and family. Planetary vibes are perfect for creative pursuits and pleasurable connections. If you are single this might just be the time when someone comes to steal your heart away! If married spice it up! Of course if your paramour seems too good to be true, planetary aspects on the 22,25th can help you sort out the truth.  The 30th is a high power day for Scorpios!

Sagittarius – November 23 – December 21 – 
September opens with planetary action from Jupiter-Neptune for most of the month. Your response is mostly frustration with a family matter that is cause for despair. Have faith and keep a sense of humor. Everything is temporary! Supportive beneficial days when the planets shine on you are 13, 19th and 28th.  Even better days are when the Moon is in Sagittarius 5th and 6th

Capricorn – December 22 – January 21
Planetary vibes in September are from a super hazy planetary connection causing frustrations and confusion. On strong Saturn days you are able to regroup and move things in your favor 1, 4,5,6,8. If you are being called to faith, look toward the 6th when the power of love and passion run the show.

Aquarius – January 21 – February 19
September planetary action opens with an uncertain, confusing vibe. Emotional and intellectual pressures can be overwhelming at times. Your best days to enjoy the sanctuary of your home are 4th -7th. Neither a lender nor borrower be from the 2nd-8th. Your better days are the 10th and 11th when the moon is in your sign. You end the month taking care of others and getting satisfaction.

Pisces – February 20 – March 20
September begins with a foggy Jupiter Neptune Square causing some confusion.  If any sign can survive this aspect and do well it is Pisces. You are quite familiar with Neptune’s behavior! The heavy energy fog lifts a bit 5th -6th and 9th and 19th when you receive enough clarity to advise others. Softer days when the Moon is in Pisces are 12th -14th.

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